FLU 2020: Marnock Medical Group Flu Plan

This year we have to factor social distancing into our flu vaccination schedule and we have introduced new systems to keep everyone safe.  This year, the flu vaccinations will be delivered by Health Board staff, supported by members of our admin team.  As a result the practice will not be able to offer Saturday flu clinics this year.  Please note ALL patients must pre-book an appointment in advance.

You need to be ELIGIBLE to pre-book a flu vaccination.  Bookings can be made from Monday 24th August 2020.



  • Adults 65 and over (you should have reached your 65th birthday by 31st March 2021 to be eligible)
  • People with certain medical conditions (including children in at-risk groups from 6 months of age) these include: asthma, stroke, multiple sclerosis, bronchitis, liver problems such as cirrhosis/hepatitis, emphysema, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, asplenia or dysfunction of the spleen, chronic heart disease, being very overweight, chronic kidney failure, HIV infection
  • Carers – including people living with someone who is at high risk of coronavirus and is on the NHS shielded patient list
  • Children aged 2- 5 years and not yet at school (*children must be aged two years or above on 1 September 2020)
  • Children in primary school (these vaccines will be available at the school only)
  • Frontline health or social care workers


From Wednesday 16th September we will be holding walk through flu clinics in car parks at both of our sites.  These clinics will run for THREE WEEKS ONLY – from Wednesday 16th September until Tuesday 6th October, so please ensure you book during this period.  These will be for patients aged 18-64 who have an underlying health condition, or for anyone aged over 65.

The clinics will be housed in tents, similar to the ones used at A&E at Crosshouse Hospital. 

  • Anyone arriving for the walk through clinic should be appropriately dressed to enable easy access to their arm. There will not be time to undress several layers of clothing
  • Please wear an appropriate face covering or mask
  • Please report to an Admin team member in the car park on arrival and you will be given an immunisation card to hand in to the nurse in your tent
  • There will be admin staff at all times to guide you to your tent and also to ensure that social distancing and the one way system is adhered to
  • Please do not arrive early or late – we cannot accommodate large queues of patients
  • Please attend on your own if at all possible


We will have a very limited number of flu appointments in the surgery building which will be reserved for at-risk children.  Children must not attend the walk through clinic as more time is needed during their appointment.

Other patients who are unable to attend the walk through clinic due to a health condition may be able to book an appointment at the surgery (this will only be in exceptional circumstances).

If your child is eligible to have their flu vaccination at school, and is not otherwise in another at risk group, they should have their vaccination there and not at the surgery.



We shall continue to offer essential home visits for very frail patients to have their flu vaccinations at home. 

Home visits slots are very limited and so are strictly reserved only for those who cannot physically leave their homes.



  • Please send us a request on askmyGP from Monday 24th August and request an appointment for your flu vaccination
  • You can also call 01563 523593, please call between 13.30 – 17.00 as phone lines are normally a little quieter then

If you are aged 55-64, you will only become eligible for your flu vaccination later in the season. We will put an announcement on our website when further details become available.  We will also send a text message out to this group of patients, so please ensure we have an up to date mobile number for you.



When can we start booking appointments for flu vaccinations?

Marnock Medical group will start taking bookings from Monday 24th August onwards.

When do the flu clinics start?

The pre-booked walk through clinics will start on Wednesday 16th September for a period of 3 weeks.

I am aged 55-64, am I now eligible?

Later in the year the flu vaccine is expected to be available for those aged 55-64.  Once we have information on this we will publish it on our website and also send you a text message.  Please ensure we have an up to date mobile number for you.

If you are aged 55 to 64 but are in another at-risk group (for e.g. asthma, COPD, heart disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes), you should book your flu vaccine and not wait.

I am almost 65, am I eligible now?

Anyone who is 65 by 31st March 2021 will be entitled to receive the flu vaccine from the 65+ supply, even before they actually turn 65.

Can I have the flu vaccine when I am coming into the surgery for another medical reason?

Yes, but only if you have an appointment and only if time allows it on the day.  Only GPs, ANPs and certain Practice Nurses are permitted to administer the flu vaccine. 



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