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Fraudsters are sending out fake texts offering a Covid vaccine in an attempt to steal personal and financial information, police have warned.

The text offers a link to an "extremely convincing" fake NHS website where people are asked to input their bank details to register for a vaccine.

Cold callers are also asking people to pay for the vaccine over the phone.


If anyone contacts you asking for bank details or money for a covid vaccine, please hang up the phone, do not reply if it is a text message, and notify the police.



We have received confirmation that we will be administering the covid vaccination for our patients over the age of 80.  The expectation is that the Health Board will be vaccinating all other age groups as part of a mass vaccination campaign.

To be eligible you must be 80 on or before 31/03/2021.

We will start vaccinating on Wednesday 13th January 2021.  We are sending letters to all our eligible patients with an appointment date and time and where the vaccination will take place (our London Road site, or our Kilmaurs site).  Please do NOT contact the surgery to make an appointment.  

When your second dose of the vaccine is due, you will receive a second letter detailing your next appointment.  This will be WITHIN 12 weeks of your first appointment.  

If, after your receive your appointment letter you are unable to attend, please do let us know - either by sending us a message on askmyGP or by calling 01563 523593.


During the past few months everyone at the practice has worked extremely hard to adapt to the current COVID restrictions and implement new ways of working to keep our patients and staff safe and well.  

The practice has continued to provide a service to our patients, and every member of staff at the practice has worked throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so.  

We have followed the guidance issued by the Scottish Government and NHS Ayrshire and Arran.

The Partners have personally invested in services such as ‘askmyGP’ and ‘Medlink’ to increase access to our patients and ensure continued care.

We have sacrificed time with our families and worked unsociable hours to ensure that changes are quickly and successfully implemented so that our patients continue to receive healthcare.

Despite this, our staff have been subjected to an increase in verbal abuse and derogatory comments each day.

The surgery follows NHS Ayrshire & Arran’s Zero Tolerance Policy and we have an Unacceptable Actions Policy which can be accessed here Unacceptable Actions Policy.

Anyone deemed to have breached either of these policies will receive a warning, or depending on the severity of the breach, will be removed from the practice list.

Please be kind.


The Ayrshire and Arran Diabetes team have developed an Adult Diabetes App.  You can find more information here:

Adult Diabetes App 


Marnock Medical Group is constantly striving to provide a first class and innovative medical model for the people of Kilmarnock and Kilmaurs (and surrounding areas), however we are still working within the normal NHS budget.  In order for the doctors to deal with a high level of requests and to reduce non-attendance at appointments and avoid prolonged waits to see a clinician, we run an on the day appointment system for GP and ANP appointments.  Nurse and HCA appointments can be booked in advance. Please note most consultations are taking place by telephone or video consulations to protect our patients.

For this system to work we ask that patients kindly submit their requests for a GP or ANP appointment for review AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE ON THE DAY THAT YOU REQUIRE YOUR REQUEST TO BE DEALT WITH

AskmyGP allows us to avoid a queue on the phone and frees up access for those that don’t have internet and this is its principal aim.  We also aim to provide continuity and appointments at times that are convenient for you, but again this is not always possible in every case.  Unfortunately, although we would love to provide open access for all our patients, we simply don’t have the resources to provide this for everyone. 

While we try our best to offer an appointment time which suits you, this can be fairly challenging with a patient population of 17,000 patients.  Please, where possible, contact us on a day when you can be flexible.

We have found that by lunchtime often all the appointments that are available have been filled for patients who have contacted us earlier in the day, which means that we really can only deal with emergency medical problems after this time.  

We hope that you understand this, and if you contact us with something that is not urgent later in the day, you will be asked to contact back on another day that is suitable for you.   

Advice while overseas

Please note that we cannot give advice to you when you are overseas.

askmyGP logo

Click here for help, with askmyGP

The best way to get help from us now is through askmyGP.   Please help us to help you by using askmyGP, so the phone lines are not clogged for those who have no internet or smartphone.

Click on the link above to access askmyGP.

Once registered you can login, answer a few simple questions and send into the GP Team.

We run an On The Day system. This means we aim to deal with your request on the same day. In order for us to do this please submit your enquiry as early in the day as possible, ideally before lunch. Only emergency issues can be dealt with safely after 3pm.  If you find our system closed earlier than 3pm it is because we have reached capacity for the day and can now only deal with urgent or emergency requests safely. If you consider your request to be urgent or an emergency which cannot wait until tomorrow, please call us on 01563 523593 up until 17.30.

Please ensure that you are available either by text, email or telephone so that the GP can contact you, especially in cases where you may need to attend the practice to see a Clinician. 

If you have asked us to contact you by email, please check your email regularly as we try to respond as quickly as possible to all queries.  If you are offered an appointment you may miss it, if you do not check your email till later in the day.

If the GP needs to telephone you to discuss your request, they will always try twice to call you, so please keep your phone close by.  If you do not answer, your case will be closed.  If you still need assistance, please resubmit your request via askmyGP.

Please do not send photos of genitalia on askmyGP.

If you are new to the system, click the link below for detailed instructions on how to register

Instructions on how to register with askmyGP

We would like to thank all our patients who have provided feedback so far on askmyGP, here are some of the latest comments we have received:

"Excellent way to get in touch with the practice and have found that GPs call back the same day to let me know when it is suitable for them to see myself or my children.
Replies are timely and good to see when the case has been dealt with. I also like that I can see past requests.  GP practice are outstanding and working well in difficult times.
Thank you".

"Excellent service. Can get advice or be seen by a doctor if necessary. Askmygp saves you time, in the past I have redialled 29 times to get a doctor appointment. Couple of minutes and you have done your message on askmygp".

"Very easy to use and very helpful staff. Haven't used the previous system so can't compare but it's easy and flexible so can use it in around what I'm doing".

"Excellent service this morning. Request done and dusted with minimum fuss".

"Super quick, great service and care received. Could not rate higher".

(Site updated 22/01/2021)
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