Medical Services Offered

Daily Minor Illness Service
Ante Natal and Post Natal Clinics
Cervical Screening
Contraceptive Services
Child Health Monitoring and Child Immunisation Clinics
Warfarin Management Clinic
NHS funded Travel Vaccinations  
Dietitian Clinic 

Long-term Conditions

We also offer regular monitoring for patients suffering from long term medical conditions such as;
Hypertension / High Blood Pressure
Stroke / TIA
Heart Disease
Kidney Disease
Thyroid Problems
Mental Health / Depression Problems
Learning Disabilities
We will send out regular invites to review a patient’s condition and to ensure they are receiving the optimum treatment....If you are unable to respond to our invitations, it is important that you let us know. 
We also offer some private medical services (e.g. HGV Medicals etc.) to our own patients which are charged accordingly.  

Travel Vaccinations Service 

Our Practice Nurses offer basic travel immunisations at no charge, as per our NHS contract, depending on your destination and your current vaccine status.  More specialist advice and any other vaccines can only be offered at a private travel clinic.

The following travel vaccinations are free on the NHS in Scotland and will be the only ones offered:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Diptheria, Polio and Tetanus (combined)
  • Typhoid
  • Cholera

Please ensure that you contact us SIX weeks before departure.  You will need to meet with the Practice Nurse in the first instance to discuss your travel arrangements.  A prescription for any of the necessary vaccinations provided free by the NHS will be issued at this point.  Once you have obtained your medication from the pharmacy, you should book another appointment to see one of our Practice Nurses so that the vaccination(s) can be administered.  Please remember that you must bring the vaccinations detailed on the prescription with you to your Practice Nurse appointment. 

If you are going further afield or off the beaten track, or if you require anti-malaria prophylaxis or TB screening for travel, we do not provide these non-NHS services.

For non-NHS services you may wish to contact:

Vaccinations and advice on TB screening – Crosshouse Hospital: 01563 577970

Vaccinations, travel advice, anti-malaria prophylaxis and advice on TB screening – The Travel Clinic Glasgow: 0141 889 7656.

Travel Clinic, Glasgow Airport: 0141 848 4800

Anti-malaria prophylaxis – visit a Pharmacist for advice.

Employees and Students at Risk

Immunisations and blood screening required for Occupational or Educational Purposes is the responsibility of the Employer’s or Student’s Occupational Health Department. We do not provide this non-NHS service and we advise patients to inform their Occupational Health Department that they should not be exposed to risk if they are not immunised or had their immunity confirmed or been trained in exposure to sharps/bodily fluids.  



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