Wound Checks and Stitch removal

If you have had to visit the hospital and have been discharged with a wound bandaged or stitched you will be advised by the hospital when the bandage is to be checked or changed or the stitches to be removed at your GP practice. Please note that you should make the appointment with our nurse using askmyGP as soon as you are discharged and you should not wait until the day before the date you want. This is because we only have limited numbers of nurse appointments and the earlier you book the more likely you will get the date you need.

Renewal of Fit Notes

Please request a renewal of your Fit Note via askmyGP.  If you require an extension of a Fit Note please note that these cannot be forward dated. You should only request an extension from the date the previous note expires. This means that you should not request the Fit Note extension until 2 days before the previous note runs out.

Blood tests for Hospital Appointment

Often patients are requested by the hospital to have bloods taken by their GP before they visit the hospital in order that the results are available for their visit. Patients should be aware that this is not normal GP surgery work and therefore if this is required you should make sure you get this done at the earliest opportunity by making a request on askmyGP and you should not wait until the last minute. It can be difficult to fit patients in for and appointment with short notice.

Requests for Private Letters and other Private Work

Often patients request a letter from a GP in support of a non medical issue. (e.g. Travel insurance claims, fitness to fly, insurance medical forms, HGV medicals etc.).  You should note that as this is Private Work (i.e. not covered by the NHS) there will be a charge for providing this service. You should ask at the front desk for our charges for the various services offered. You should expect that this work will take up to 2 weeks or more from requesting and only after payment has been made.

Ordering Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions are normally issued in quantities sufficient for 2 months. Reordering of a repeat script should only be done approximately 1 week before your current supply runs out. If you order earlier than this it is likely that your request will be refused (unless there is a valid reason). Your prescription will normally be available for collection 48 hours after ordering.

Hospital Prescriptions

Often patients are given a prescription by following a visit to the hospital to be issued by their GP practice. Please note that these prescription requests are treated in the same way as a Repeat Prescription and will normally be available for collection 48 hours after receiving the hospital note. A patient will have been provided with a supply of the medication (normally 7 days’ supply) if the hospital wants them to start the treatment immediately. 

Patient Confidentiality

Often family members or friends of patients call looking for information regarding the patient. Please be aware that all staff and doctors will not provide any information regarding a patient’s medical care to anyone other than the patient them self unless specifically written permission from the patient allowing a named person to be provided the information. It is an offence for our staff and GPs to disclose any confidential information without the patient’s permission.

Patients who wish to speak to a GP

If you require to speak to a GP, please make a request via askmyGP.  Click here to register or make a request.

Eligibility to receive the Influenza Vaccination (Flu Jab)

Please note that the Flu Jab is only available to patients who are, either: 65 years of age and over; or have a medical condition which qualifies them to receive the vaccination (this will be documented in their medical record).

If a patient does not meet the above criteria please note that the Practice cannot provide the flu jab to them. Patients can make their own arrangements to get the Flu Jab by visiting their local pharmacist who will be happy to provide this service for them for a fee.

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